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About Us

The Drink Nation

The Drink Nation is a free online publication that helps users find happy hours, drink specials, and drinking-related events in and around their city. We utilize real people to call and update our listings in order to provide users with the most up-to-date information available. In addition to our listings, we provide a comprehensive resource of original content, like bar and drink reviews, tailored to the city’s drinking culture.

Our website started in Philadelphia and quickly expanded across the country to Baltimore, Washington D.C., Denver, CO, Portland OR, and New York City. We have a nationwide audience that concentrates on being the local night life hub in each of the cities we’re in. The Drink Nation team can be found across the United States. 

Adam Schmidt   Founder & President

Favorite Beverages: Hefeweizens, Chianti, & Aviations
Favorite Animal: Giraffe

 Adam Schmidt founded Drink Philly in 2009 on the belief that everyone should have access to quality drinks at an affordable price. Thanks to Adam's vision and THE  INTERNET, that belief is now shared and realized by thousands of users visiting The Drink Nation family of sites every day. When he is not working at The Drink  Nation Intergalactic Headquarters, you can find him...working somewhere else on his iPad.

 Collin Keefe  Editor-in-Chief

 Favorite Beverages: Guinness, Belgians, Bourbon and Rye
 Favorite Animal: Just the tasty ones

 After years of trying to figure out if he is a liquor savvy scribe for hire, or a freelance drinker with a knack for gathering facts, Collin decided in 2013 that The Drink  Nation was the only place where he would find an answer to his life’s riddle. When he’s not deep beneath the earth, extracting precious gems from the content mines,  you can find him bending elbows with the best of them at local bars, on the bocce court, or out back tending to the grill.

 Charles Wiedenmann   Director of National Advertising

 Favorite Beverages: Chardonnay
 Favorite Animal: Lion

 With over 30 years of experience, Charles heads up our National Advertising team of professionals. When he's not delivering your brand to our thirsty audience, you'll  find him surrounded by the affluent, sipping on a cool vodka martini, straight up with a twist...

 Sarah Jagiela  Marketing Associate

  Favorite Beverages: Nugget Nectar, Coffee
  Favorite Animal: Horse
  Starting as a lowly intern in 2012, Sarah has powered her way to full-blown employment with The Drink Nation. When she’s not lost somewhere deep in  cyberspace, you can probably find her at the barn pretending she’s an olympic show jumper or just horsin’ around.

Dr. Claw   Unknown

Favorite Beverage: Unknown
Favorite Animal: Probably the cat?

Very little is known about Dr. Claw and he won't answer any of our questions. He mostly just sits in his office watching a monitor and occasionally pounds his fist on his desk. He kind of came with the office, so we just let him do his thing.



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